A novella by Christina Bergling



From The Waning:

“Then I found You. I laid eyes on my Master for the first time.

My heart stopped in my chest. Terrified does not begin to articulate it. My mind and my body locked up. I had no idea what to do, what to expect. My mind went inextricably blank, like I never knew how to think at all. I simply stared at You, slack-jawed.

You towered above my cage, a simply massive man. Your silhouette nearly consumed the doorframe, shielding me from the seemingly aggressive light. The first thing I noticed about You, amidst my terror, was how composed You were. It was striking enough to permeate my flailing mind.

You did not look like a psychopath, quite the opposite. My senses were heightened by fear, and I found myself inventorying every detail somewhere behind my physical panic. Your clothes, though basic, were clean, crisp, and fit You perfectly. Your posture was meticulously symmetrical, shoulders stacked over hips stacked over knees stacked over ankles. You had Your gloved hands interlaced as You looked down and observed me in kind.

Artwork by the talented Phillip Beachler, the Graphics Smith.


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