A novella by Christina Bergling

The Light


From The Waning:

“Opportunity managed to infuse clarity into my muddled veins. I had to do this. This was my one chance to do this. It didn’t matter what happened on the other side of that door; it only mattered that I RUN.

I scrambled sloppily to my feet, still in my soaked clothes, and lunged toward the light pouring in from the doorway. I could hear my bare feet slapping the floor. My hands were clawing out toward the freedom. My breath was panting through my lips. I could see my heartbeat in my peripherals.

I’m there. I’m almost there.

The four sprinting strides it took for the light to overtake my sight seemed to happen in slow motion. As my fingertips neared the doorframe, I heard a
large thud on the other side of the door. The light collapsed on me; the door grew, and I felt the shattering impact on my forehead before the world went black.”

Artwork by the talented Phillip Beachler, the Graphics Smith.


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